Splendid Jan 1, 0001

#About Splendid: Splendid is a text editor that is a fully pluggable and is built using web technologies and runs on the chrome app platform. Splendid uses open source tools and technologies such as.

#To Install: 1. Clone this repo git clone https://github.com/ChrisMcKenzie/Splendid 2. you will need bower to download the dependencies you can install by entering npm install -g bower in you terminal 3. run bower install in the root of the repo. 2. Open Chrome and go to Settings -> Extensions 3. enable developer mode 4. Click load unpacked extension and go to the cloned repo and open the /app folder.

#Wanna Help Out? To get Started build Splendid you will need Yeoman installed you can install this by entering npm install -g yo. Next fork the Splendid repo and clone, you can then install it in chrome by following the above steps.

After the setup is pretty much done in order to debug run grunt debug in your terminal which will setup the livereload server and get things rolling.

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