A little tuneup Feb 26, 2020

Mind the grease, this k5 came to me with a 350ci small block chevy (sbc) from an mid 80s passenger car from what I can gather. looking at the vin this k5 was originally equipped with a 400ci sbc (bit of a bummer that isn’t still in it) but this engine runs decent and will remain there until I can figure out what to put in it.

In the mean time this engine needed a small tuneup, namely in the ignition category at first the engine has a slight miss which I determined was just a fouled plug due to the electric choke not being hooked up and being flooded on start replaced the plugs and that resolved that but the I wanted to see where the timing was so I put a timing light on it and found that the advance mechanism was not working, I quickly jumped on Jegs and found an entire kit for a replacement distributor for very reasonable, it even came with plug wires.

I received the parts and put them in and now this truck is running very smooth still not a ton of power but we will work on that.

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